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Cessna 340/414/421 Training

Professional, affordable, insurance-approved

Some pilots prefer to train in a simulator because they are not comfortable with the engine out procedures in the actual airplane. Many experienced Cessna 340/421/414 pilots utilize our full motion Cessna simulator to save thousands of dollars a year in training costs while completing insurance-approved Initial or recurrent simulator-based training.

My priorities are:

1. Training safer pilots through superior instruction.
2. Conferring useful tips and techniques learned as a corporate Cessna 340/414/421 pilot.
3. Exceeding FAA or insurance requirements for initial or recurrent Cessna 340/414/421 training in the minimum amount of time.
4. Offering an economical, simulator based, quality training experience.

Training is conducted one-on-one at our location in Beaufort, SC.

Training programs are approved by the major insurance companies.

Recurrent Training: $1995, plus expenses.
Initial Training: $2995, plus expenses.

Doug Carmody
Executive Flight Training